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  • Black mulch - A blend of New England forest product in an aged rich dark color, will maintain its dark characteristics

  • Premium mulch mix - Hemlock mix, with its unique red characteristics

  • Regular mix - In an aromatic blend of natural hues. Made from northern white pines and spruce

  • Red cedar mulch - Cedar blend a color enhanced to a vibrant rich color

  • Certified playground chips - For public and private playgrounds. Made from 100% virgin wood IPEMA certified and approved. Impact resistant and wheelchair accessibility

Black mulch

Mulch serves various roles in the landscaping process. Mulches can keep your plants or flower beds looking great, but also make sure your soil is rich and healthy. You can count on us to get your ideal mulch at a competitive price.

Choose from a large variety of mulches we offer you:

Our premium quality mulch consists of 80% bark!

Are you having many questions about your purchase? Ask our friendly staff who have been in this business for over 25 years to help.


Get the exact kind of mulch or bark you require for your yard! People of South Hampton, NH can easily rely on Atlantic Trucking Inc. for their mulch requirements.

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Get the mulch you need to enhance your yard

Find the most popular dark mulch at Atlantic Trucking Inc.! It's rich black in color and double ground too.  

Choose from 6 different mulches we use!